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T-33 Thunderbird

Technical details: Length: 76.77''
Wing span: 84.64''
Scale: 1:6
Flight weight: starting from 10 Kg thrust
Video T-33 Thunderbird
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Video T-33 Thunderbird
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The T-33 has been finished with a passion for details. With all the rivets, joints and angles it seems to be ready for take off on its next mission. It looks very spirited due to the authentic surface and will become an eye-catcher on many airfields.
The T-33 is a white full composite model as are all other JetCom models. Only the landing gear cover, the cockpit tray and the inside fairing of the airbrakes are produced by using plastic moulding material. The CNC made main fuselage support ribs and wing support structures as well as the wing fixtures are already laminated; the same is true for the landing and nose gear compartments and mount points. In addition exposed parts of the model will be reinforced with carbon fiber material.
The wings and the elevator are produced in vacuum sandwich technology. The sandwich material is a specific polyester hard foam. All wing support structures are CNC made of 0.15'' plywood and 0.35'' 7-ply. Natrually those are already laminated. The ailerons are provided as elastic flaps and will be functionally supplied.
The wing fixing is milled in the fuselage support ribs and wing support structures and assembled. A fitting plug-in mount tube made of full composite material is part of the model kit.

Spanten T-33

Fahrwerk T-33

At a scale of 1:6 the model is very well designed for the turbine with a thrust from 10 Kg. Due to the possibility to separate the fuselage, transportation in an ordinary automobile is possible.

T-33 Thunderbird

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T33_Rumpf_komplett.jpg T33_wings.jpg T33_wings_inside.jpg

Kit includes:
Fuselage sub-dived in three parts (nose, central fuselage, stern) incl. support ribs
Wings, including support structure and full composite wing fixing
Removable tip tanks
Landing gear cover
Cockpit tray
Inside fairing of the airbrakes
Servoframes, Hinges, small composite control horns
detailed specification

Equipment provided at additional costs:
retract, jet wheels and breaks

Price (exclusive shipment):
1,699.- EUR
Delivery time: approx. 5-6 weeks

Setprices (exclusive shipment):
2.249,- EUR (incl. Behotec C-50 retract)

4.349,- EUR (incl. Behotec C-50 retract and JetCentral Rabbit turbine)

4.799,- EUR (incl. Behotec C-50 retract and Behotec JB-130 turbine)