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SR-71 Blackbird

SR-71 Blackbird

Technical details:
Length: 57.08 inches
wing span: 29.52 inches
Shell weight including frames: 2.42 lbs
Powered by: either turbine (e.g. Wren 44), EDF (e.g. DS-30 DIA 3ph)
or pylonmotor (6.5 to 7.5 cm3)
Video SR-71 Blackbird
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Second Video SR-71 Blackbird
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Small but exceptional, the SR71 model has a length of 57.08'' and a wingspan of 29.52''. With a full size of 1:22.5 it is not a rookie model at all, even though it showed surprisingly stable flight qualities during the first tests.

SR-71 BlackbirdSR-71 BlackbirdSR-71 Blackbird

The SR71 Blackbird model is made of white composite material. This is also true for all rudders and the canopy. It comes with one 0.24'' fuselage and wing frame CNC made of 7- ply and another one of 0.15'' poplar plywood. The transition between the body and the wing is reinforced with carbon fiber. The fuselage itself contain three more structure ribs. The landing gear compartment frames for the main and nose gear will already be laminated.

SR-71 Blackbird

Kit includes:
Beside the model itself, the kit includes a prefabricated solid landing gear mount point for the main and the nose gear. For the fixing of the rudder a 0.24'' carbon stick is attached. It also cotains CNC made servo frames for the aileron and elevator servos (e.g. HS5125MG). Further more a detailed and illustrated specification is attached.

SR-71 Blackbird

Equipment prodvided at additional costs:
retract, jet wheels and breaks

!!! EDF version available !!!

Price: 489.-EUR (exclusive shipment)

*** EDF Set 1 ***
containing: Model and 2x Schuebeler DS-30-DIA HDT
Set price: 839,- EUR (exclusive shipment)

*** EDF Set 2 ***
containing: Model, 2x Mega 16/35/1,5 motors, 2x YGE 100 Controller, 2x Schuebeler DS-30-DIA HDT
Set price: 1.299,- EUR (exclusive shipment)

*** EDF set 3 ***
containing: Model, 2x Mega 16/35/1,5 motors, 2x YGE 100 Controller, 2x Schuebeler DS-30-DIA HDT,
2x WeMoTec MF R4 tubes, 1x WeMoTec MF R2 tubes, 1x LiPo 5000 HDHE 5S1P
Set price: 1.599,- EUR (exclusive shipment)