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Technical details:
Length: 77.16 inches
Wing span: 74.80 inches
Shell weight including frames: 4,62 lbs
Provided for turbines from 13lbf (60 N)
Video Ranger
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Second Video Ranger
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JetCom does now offer a turbine trainer model, which is called Ranger. The Ranger is an ideal candidate for turbines with a thrust from 13 lbf(60 N). Like this it enables a model plane flyer the introduction in turbine models for a reliable price. The Ranger is a model of a real good nature due to an optimized airfoil and a long moment arm. Nevertheless it allows pretty acrobatic flight figures as well.

Ranger Kit

Ranger utilities


The Ranger is offered in two different versions; as a “standard” and a “standard plus” kit version.

To allow a reliable price, we have decided to vote against our slogan “full composite” and have chosen a conservative approach for the wings. The white colored fuselage and the hoist arms are made of full composite material, while the wings and the elevator unit is made of Styrofoam-balsa. The wing can be provided in one or separated depending on the request of the customer.

The standard plus kit provides the wings almost ready, which means that the servo frames are provided, the ailerons are molded and the servo wires are already implemented. For the standard kit this needs to be done by the customer himself. The basic kit contains a 1:1 scale rib structure plane, while to the standard kit a CNC made rib structure set is already attached. Furthermore the standard kit contains all necessary hinges, small composite control horns and servo frames.
Both kits are delivered with a fixed main gear made of 5 mm spring steel. At additional cost the wings can also be prepared for a retractable landing gear.


Kit includes:
Full composite fuselage and hoist arms in white · Wings and elevator unit made of styrofoam-balsa · Rib plane with a scale of 1:1
· canopy made of transparent plastic molding material · Fixed main gear · Detailed and illustrated specification manual

"Standard plus":
CNC made ribs · Wings prepared · Hinges, small composite control horns, servorframes

Equipment provided at an additional costs:
- jet wheels and breaks

"Standard" 649.- EUR ( exclusiv shipment )

"Standard plus" 699.- EUR ( exclusiv shipment )

*** Combi package "Standard" ***
containing: Model and JetCentral Super Bee
Price: 2,249.- EUR ( exclusiv shipment)

*** Combi package "Standard plus" ***
containing: Model and JetCentral Super Bee
Price: 2,399.- EUR ( exclusiv shipment )