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F-16 Fighting Falcon

Technical details:
Length: 1,95 m
Wing span: 1,37 m
Size: 1:8
Shell weight: ab 7 kg
Powered by: Turbine from 6 to 10 Kg Trust

Youtube F-16
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Youtube F-16
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From the beginning, the original was thought the F-16 either as a technical breakthrough as more powerful weapons platform, but as a highly available cost-effective "workhorse" for many applications. The same principle was used when desinging this kit as well. We wanted a model that could be used everyday and uncomplicated for the customer. With a scale of 1:8 provides JetCom this aircraft now in the optimum size of a model. The F-16 Fighting Falcon is like all JetCom models manufactured in full fiberglass.

All frames, including the formers are CNC machined and are installed during production. The same applies to the wing-made from solid fiberglass.

Kit includes:
Hull, height and vertical tail made from solid fiberglass
All frames are CNC milled and already installed.
Wings made from solid fiberglass
Gear doors made from solid fiberglassk
Transparent canopy made of ABS
Hinges, ball joints, servo frame, fiberglass horns
Detailed Specifications

Equipment prodvided at additional costs:
Thrust pipe
Behotec Retract C36

(exclusive shipment)

Delivery time: ca. 4 - 6 Week