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F-15 Eagle

Technical details:
Length: 108.26 inches
Wing span: 74.01 inches
Scale: 1:7
Shell weight including frames: 24.25 lbs
Flight weight starting from: 39.68 lbs

F-15 Westen Park
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youtube F-15
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Even though the development of the F-15 started more than 30 years ago, it is still a fascinating fighter jet. JetCom is now offering it with an impressive scale of 1:7. The model comes along with a very nice scale optic, which leaves nothing to be desired.

The F-15 is a full composite model and the only Jetom model which is supplied alredy with a finish. There are two options available: Either colored in white and blue, as shown in this flyer or in the so called "USAF Edwards Test Center" finish, which is white and red. Of course any other finish would be possible at additional costs.

All support ribs and structures, including the landing and nose gear commpartment and mount points, are CNC made and are already laminated and has been fixed free of clearance by using two ball bearings in the fuselage. The wings are produced in vacuum sandwich technology.

Kits includes:
Full composite fuselage, fin and elevator
Full composite wings with full composite wing fixing
All support ribs and frames are CNC made and already laminated
Canopy made of transparent plastic molding material
Landing and nose gear compartment and mount points prepared
full composite landing gear doors
Hinges, small composite control horns, servo frames, ball-and-socked joint heads
Detailed and illustrated specification manual

Equipment provided at an additional cost:
Behotec retract C50
Thrust pipe

2,900.- EUR

Delivery time: approx. 10 - 12 Week