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Below you will find some pictures of models and turbines of our customers

F-16 with a JetCat P100 from a customer in Germany

F-16 from a customer in Germany

Joker with P-20 from a customer in Belgium

A-10 from Andreas Brosinger with two JetCentral Rabbit`s
youtube: A-10 with 2 x JetCentral Rabbit´s
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T-33 from Christian Effelsberg in Germany

Boomerag Sprint powered with the new JetCentral Rabbit with Kerostart

T-33 from a customer in Germany

T-33 from a customer in Denmark. Powered with a JetCentral Rabbit

JetCentral "Super Eagle" in a Aviation Design "Scorpion" from a customer

Airbus A-310 from Marinus van der Wal, with two JetCentral SuperBee Turbine
youtube: Airbus A-310
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JetCentral "Super Eagle" of our customers in a Epic Victory („Sport Liner“) Jet

Handover of a JetCentral "Super Eagle" to one of our customers at the JetPower Exhibition 2008

F-5 powered with a JetCentral Super Eagle

F-16 powered with a JetCentral Rabbit

Salamander powered with a JetCentral SuperBee.

SR-71 Blackbird powered by a turbine
RCMovie SR-71 Blackbird
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